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I can’t wait to make my way back to Queensland for the Felton Food Festival on Sunday, March 26! The Felton Food Festival, held near Toowoomba, is a very popular farm and agriculture festival connecting visitors with farmers, educating about where food comes from, how it’s grown, farm life, animals and crops. Visitors can ask all the things they’ve ever wanted to know about their food, and get the answers direct from the horse’s mouth (well, the farmer’s mouth!). This beaut festival gets people talking about agriculture and helps them appreciate what it takes to produce food. 

Many kids don’t know where food comes from before it arrives at their supermarket. I’ll be at the festival to spark an interest in agriculture, teaching them about how their food is produced through stories, songs and performance. And, this will be the first time that I publicly read our newest story, all about robotic dairies, called, ‘George, Ruby and the Dairy Dilemma’ where Ruby and I visit a nearby robotic dairy to assess the pasture and tackle a milk supply problem. This fits right in with the festival’s ‘Science Changing Agriculture’ theme! You beauty!

The festival highlights include a Q&A tent which gives visitors access to all kinds of agricultural folk, including a climatologist, agronomist, baker, and dietician, as well as scientists sharing and demonstrating about photosynthesis; precision agriculture; cotton; purple foods; bush tucker; medicine; veggies and; organic farming! Around 100 local producers have market stalls at the festival, showcasing the huge variety of produce, grains and proteins grown in the Felton Valley, and allowing visitors to connect directly to the farmers producing the food. 

For kids, there’ll be farm animals to connect with; a Farm Fossick booklet to colour in with a quiz for learning about farming; a sandpit with tractors; and; face painters. What a great day out for families in southern Queensland country!

The festival is also holding farm tours the morning before the festival – with so much to experience in the area, visitors can enjoy a whole weekend in the country, experiencing authentic country life. 

To learn more about the festival, visit www.feltonfoodfestival.org.au. See you there, mate!

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