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Farmers battle Australian Department of Defence over north Queensland land acquisition - NO Farmers Allowed

Farmers for our future: Queensland farmers need our help in a compulsory land grab by the Department of Defence and the Singaporean Army. Up to 60 landholders — some fourth generation farmers — in north Queensland’s Charters Towers and Marlborough areas could have prime grazing land taken from them to be used for a military playground.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Australian economy forecast to be worth a record $60 billion in 2016-2017. And with the United Nations predicting that we need to increase food production by 60-70% by 2050 to feed our growing global population, the acquisition of up to 300,000 hectares of ripper farming land defies belief.

This area is known as the Beef Capital of Australia and will result in the loss of approximately 70,000 head of beef cattle. It also affects large-scale commercial fishing operations in the Stanage Bay area.

This land grab affects food production, farming families, and the wider community. Not just those that work in agriculture doing a beaut job for us all — but the families, schools, organisations and businesses whose prosperity depends on the success of the local ag industry. And although those farms affected will receive some sort of compensation, local business owners won’t receive a thing.

Can’t get your head around how much land will be taken? An international rugby field is about 1 hectare in size. The MCG oval is just over 1.5 hectares. The compulsory acquisition is for 300,000 hectares. That’s a lot of land, mate.

How can you help? A rough timeline has been provided to the affected farming families indicating that a master plan will be delivered in February followed by confirmation from the Australian Defence Force with regards to which properties will stay and which will go.

The National Farmers Federation have setup an email system to easily message your opposition to the Minister for Defence, Marise Payne. Click here to send an email.

There is also a petition that can be signed which has been created by the Marlborough Against Defence Land Grab Committee. Click here to sign.

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4 Responses to “Fourth generation Queensland farmers to lose land in military grab”

  1. I sent an email regarding this to our Minister for Agriculture, Mr Barnaby Joyce .. Still awaiting a Reply .. As Autralias Agricultural Minister, I would hope, and expect him to put the Future of our Farmers, and our country before a Foreign Military Power wanting to ‘Train’ on our Shores .. I do not believe this is in the best interest of our Nation ..

  2. This is a sell-out of not only the hardworking Aussie farmer, but also the Australian people. I am very upset at the prospect of so much land being used to train men for war while families lose their livelihoods. Shame on those who made this deal in the first place. You have traded food production for weapons of war.

  3. I have no doubt that the defence force have a need for land but why this particular area? No doubt there is land around Australia that is not productive that can be used. Near Millmerran in southern qld is a perfect example (there is a training facility in the scrub there currently) of land that is just not suitable for farming. We seem hell bent on building homes on prime ag land such as areas of Brisbane and the Lockyer and using other great land for other facilities. Time to build on the crap land and use the good stuff effectively before we have no good stuff left

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