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George the Farmer appGeorge the Farmer Plants a Wheat Crop

Jessie’s barking isn’t enough to snap George out of his football daydream, which nearly ends in catastrophe while planting his wheat crop! Luckily, Ruby is there to lend a helping hand. This beaut interactive story, full of farming sounds including tractor rumbles, barking dogs and warbling magpies, follows George, Ruby and Jessie as they plant a wheat crop. It teaches children not only how to plant a crop but also educates on what foods wheat is used to produce once the grain has been milled to make flour.

App features:

  • Two lively story narrations by ABC presenter Peter Goers or read along mode for all levels of early and emergent readers
  • Make a magpie sing, Jessie the dog bark or scratch her collar, turn the tractor on to hear a rumbling engine
  • Simple animations
  • Help shear a sheep in the second story
  • Three great pictures to interactively colour in on-screen
  • Memory game with 3 levels of difficulty
  • Sing-a-long with the George the Farmer songs
  • Appealing to ages 0-8
  • Expanding early reading skills
  • Increasing reading comprehension
  • Learn about farming practices along with food and fibre production
  • Highlights the important role women play in agriculture


George the Farmer Shears a Sheep

The second beaut story in the George the Farmer series has been added to the app: George the Farmer Shears a Sheep. It's shearing time on the farm and its all hands on deck to get the sheep shorn before the rain sets in. Will Ruby get the sheep penned up in time? This ripper interactive story, full of farming sounds including tractor rumbles, barking dogs and baa-ing sheep, follows George, Ruby, Jack, Lucy and their New Zealand shearing mates as they shear 900 sheep over three days.

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