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4M Solar Mechanics

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Assemble a unique, solar motorised module, powered by a solar cell - using clean energy from the sun. Use it as the engine of a vibrating robot that slides across the floor, a cooling fan that functions automatically under the sun or an illusion spinner creating rainbows in your room when the sun is out! What a ripper!

Kit contains 1 solar panel, 1 solar panel holder, 1 motor with wires, 1 solar panel arm, 1 solar panel arm top pivot, 1 solar panel arm bottom pivot, 1 motor housing top, 1 motor housing base, 3 metal legs, 1 robot base, 1 cam, 1 fan blade, 2 suction cups, 1 bottle adaptor, 1 CD clip, 1 bird cage disc, 4 holographic strips, 1 plastic stick, 1 strip holder base, 1 strip holder top, 1 illusion spinner, 2 small screws, washered screws and detailed instructions.

Recommended for ages 8 and up but if you know a clever little tike, I'm sure they'd give it a good nudge, mate!