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Warning: You may start reciting our George the Farmer books in your sleep if you only choose to invest in one title. This is a common problem that is relayed to us on a regular basis. "Mum, Dad, Granny, can you please read me Shears a Sheep again?" Counteract this by grabbing the entire George the Farmer 8-pack series and receive FREE postage! 

Click on the links below to discover what each book is about:

  • George the Farmer Plants a Wheat Crop
  • George the Farmer Shears a Sheep
  • George the Farmer, Ruby and the Dairy Dilemma
  • George the Farmer Beehive Breakout
  • George the Farmer Harvest Hiccup 
  • George the Farmer Drone Drama **NEW NOV 2019**
  • George the Farmer Egg Enigma **NEW NOV 2019**
  • George the Farmer, Numbers on the Farm

    Our picture story books have been printed in South Australia on paper from well-managed forests using environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks.

    A portion of profits from the sale of this book are used to create freely available curriculum-aligned educational resources for teachers to use in the classroom to educate children about farming where food comes from. Take a look at our educational farm resources.

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