We've been helping Farmer Bruce with his Chickpea Harvest!

We've been busier than a blowie at a barby lately with sheep work on the farm and also helping out a mate, Farmer Bruce at Bool Lagoon, SA with their chickpea harvest. Luckily, we got the crop off just before the rain set in!

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National Ag Day - 20th November 2020

National Ag Day 2020 is nearing - this year is my fourth year in the biz as ambassador! This year, Ag Day falls on Friday November 20th. 

I had a yarn a few years back about my involvement in Ag that I'd love to share.

“Why do you love National Agriculture Day?”⁣
Mate, I think every day should be National Agriculture Day! Agriculture is the back bone of our country and without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive.⁣

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Book Week 2020

Another Book Week down and I tell you, mate, the photos that were sent into me of kiddies dressed up around the country, certainly didn’t disappoint! I loved seeing how much I’m inspiring kids from all over the country to want to learn about agriculture and to hopefully consider an innovative career in agriculture for their future. If you know a teacher, let them know that we have free curriculum-aligned educator’s resources to help teach food and fibre in the classroom.

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How lucky are we to be able to explore our own backyard, mate!

Crikey, it’s been a long couple of months in “iso” and our local businesses are really feeling the weight of COVID-19’s impact.

But it is times like these that build us up and make us stronger… I’ve seen the brave, smiling faces of our Aussie neighbours who have continued to hold their heads and hopes up high despite the fallback and despite the unknown.

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World Milk Day 2020

Did you know that it was #WorldMilkDay yesterday? Since we are celebrating the production of delicious dairy products like milk and cheese, I thought it might be the right time to have a bit of a serious yarn about the Aussie ag industry.

Did you know that Aussie farmers provide more than 90% of the daily Australian food supply? How lucky are we, mate?

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George's Easy Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Day is an important time for us to come together, and to honour the contributions of our Aussie and New Zealand veterans and service members. Although things are a little different this year, and most of us will be in "iso" we can still come together in spirit, mate! 

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