With a few of my little mates around the country already at home for the school holidays or in isolation (“iso”), it’s a beaut’ opportunity to get creative.

I have put together a BIG list of 20 ripper backyard activities to keep the kiddies entertained. From backyard cricket to nature play… have a squiz! And while we are spreading kindness and supporting each other, why not let your neighbours or your classmates know so they can do the same at home...

Here's a sample of a few of the top tips below. To download the rest for free and any of my other resources, click here.

  1. Stomping in the mud. Splish splash splash. Time to get those wellies dirty (While you’re at it, there might be some trucks which need to get their wheels muddy. Fill the kiddie pool with mud and put the toy trucks and diggers to work. A soapy bucket might make for a top car wash later!)

  2. What natural elements from the garden can you use to build your nature playground? Sticks, branches, cloth material for doors and tree stumps. (Or by keeping sustainable, why not use recycled materials?)

  3. Do you have rocks in your garden? With a few rocks or pebbles, there are so many patterns and pictures you can make in the garden. Where will your creativity take you?

  4. My personal favourite backyard activity to do with the kids. Can you guess it… its backyard cricket!

  5. Start a band. Bring out the pots and pans, buckets, jars, recyclables, cans and plastic containers… wooden spoons make for great drum sticks!