George the Farmer for National Ag Day

National Ag Day is a day to celebrate and learn about our diverse and growing agricultural sector, the amazing resilience of our farmers and the many career opportunities that are available. Held on the third Friday of November each year this one day celebrates a sector that each and every human on earth relies on at least three times a day — for breakfast, lunch and dinner — not to mention all of the yummy snacks in between — plus for our clothing, paper, house frames, etc.. we think you get the picture!

This year, National Ag Day will be celebrated on Friday, November 19. This is George the Farmer’s 6th year as National Ag Ambassador. It’s a title that we don’t take lightly — and one that we’re very proud of.

A few years ago, the National Farmer’s Federation were lucky enough to lock the big man down himself for a quick chat about the importance of this day. The interview can be read here.

In Australia, we’re so fortunate to have access to clean, green, delicious food to nourish our bodies and first class fibres like cotton and wool to help clothe us. We're also very lucky to have access to an amazing variety of foods from mangoes to macadamias right through to lamb and lobster!

At George the Farmer, our vision is a world where kids connect to the earth, food and farm. We believe it's imperative that children understand the fantastic work that primary producers put in to enable us to access this food; that they understand how food is produced to enable them to make healthy food choices in the future and; they identify that they can be part of Team Agriculture through the thousands of careers that are available in the ag sector. Did you know that agriculture generates about 1.6 million jobs across the entire supply chain from farmers to agronomists, engineers, scientists, accountants and graphic designers — and that number keeps growing?

Something else that makes National Ag Day very special for the George the Farmer team, is that we were also responsible for designing the official National Ag Day logothat's something that we're really proud of. We hope that you love the logo as much as we do.

There’s so many ways to be involved in agriculture and that’s what’s so great about National Ag Day, it’s a day for everyone to celebrate – even the consumer as someone who gets to benefit at the end of the supply chain. Here are some ways that you can celebrate:

And, if you're in Sydney or Melbourne, you can celebrate LIVE with the National Farmers Federation who are holding a ‘virtual farmer’ experience – with farmers from across Australia beaming into screens in the heart of Australia’s largest cities to share their stories. The CBD events will also feature a virtual reality experience and farming freebies for the public. Visit the activations at Southbank in Melbourne and Martin Place in Sydney. Can’t make it to the city? No worries! You can catch the live stream of these farmer conversations on the Australian Farmers Facebook page, live from 8am – 2pm on AgDay.

Wherever you celebrate National Ag Day, from all of the team at George the Farmer, we wish you a ripper day!