Edison Thompson is a 7-year-old living in Melbourne, and in the current climate, is learning from home during lockdown. Edison is dearly missing his Pa and three uncles who farm grain, lentils and pulses in the far South Western corner of NSW.

Edison wrote the following poem for a creative writing task at school. 

‘Harvest Time’, by Edison Thompson
“Last Summer I went to the farm,
The dragon’s breath air was not calm,
A rusty sandstorm started to billow.
It was clouding around like a pillow.

Golden wheat crowds the plain.
Bristly heads fully of grain.
Talk stalks rustle in the breeze,
Diesel Utes whoosh past the trees.

The harvester engine is humming,
From the distance I see it coming.
The cylinder reel
Spins like a wheel.
It is an excellent harvest, I feel.”

Edison’s mum, Bianca said “This most recent lockdown feels like forever and his greatest hope is that he can join his Pa on the farm for harvest this year. The John Deere header is his favourite machine and harvest is his absolute favourite time of year.” 

The poem has reminded our team that there are many ways in which our city and country families are disconnected in the current climate. There are many families seeking light at the end of the lockdown tunnel to be reunited with their loved ones. Edison is part of one of these families, and his poem and artwork conveys his lust to return to the farm for harvest.

He also painted a beautiful artwork to go accompany the poem. 


Edison’s creative piece and artwork has warmed the hearts of many George the Farmer Instagram and Facebook followers. We thank him and his mum, Bianca, for sharing with our wonderful community!


Original poem, handwritten by Edison.

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