The adventures of George the Farmer have helped shape how the Green family see Aussie farmers.

Belinda Green first discovered the George the Farmer book series a few years ago, and it has been a firm favourite for her three daughters ever since - as well as starring in the Green’s homeschooling curriculum.

“We homeschool our three little girls, Faith, 11, Isla, 7 and Norah, 4 on our small hobbie farm,” Belinda says. “My girls love caring for our chickens, sheep and little dog as well as working in our veggie garden. We love watching the seasons come and go and learning more and more about getting the yummiest fruit and veggies. We also have a beekeeper keeping his hive on our land and so we always have lots of bees to pollinate our gardens as well as getting to share the honey.”

Working with the land is a new experience for Belinda and something she relishes sharing with her family.

“I am very much a beginner to all of this but I love watching my children enjoy learning so much about how our food gets to be on our plate so early in their lives,” she says. “George the Farmer books, YouTube clips and activities from the website are a really fun way for our children and I to learn about the raising of livestock and growing harvests on a large scale. We see how our farmers feed us all. My girls love all of the books, but I think George the Farmer Shears a Sheep might be the favourite.”