Last week we released paddock to product video #2 of our new series. This one is on the journey of apples! ūüćéūüćéūüćé

Join George the Farmer and his mates Simone and Ben as we investigate how apples are grown in our Apple video premiere! You'll be amazed at the incredible technology used to ensure we have access to delicious, crispy apples year-round!


Fun fact! In the apple packing shed a special camera takes 60 images of every apple each second, to determine the eating quality before they're sent off to the supermarket? Show your kids our paddock to plate apple video and then follow it up with our 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) experience available on YouTube or through the FarmVR App.

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This project is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment through funding from the Australian Government's Educating Kids about Agriculture initiative.

P.S. Looking for more resources on apple harvest? Look no further than our picture storybook, Hailstorm Heroes! 

Hailstorm Heroes is an exciting book focusing on apple harvest and weather events that teaches children about problem-solving and entrepreneurial thinking in an effort to prevent and reduce wasted food produce.