3-in-1 card games for kids with George the Farmer

Playing cards are one of the oldest games ever invented. In fact, they were first found in China around the 9th century (around 800). Not only have they withstood the test of time as a form of entertainment, but they're also highly educational, which makes them a great activity for kids.

Here are 3 reasons your kids should be playing with cards:

1. Fine Motor Skills

When a child holds a handful of cards, their little hands and fingers are put to work. They use their thumbs and index fingers to shuffle and place cards while also learning to be gentle with soft card products. 

2. Social and Emotional Skills

We know that kids love device time, but often they can spend that time in solitude. Playing cards with siblings, friends, or parents provides an opportunity to take turns, be gracious when losing, have empathy for others, improve communication, problem-solve and work in a team.

3. Cognitive Skills

Playing card games such as memory or matching pairs is a great way to develop recall in a relaxed, quiet space while practicing perseverance. They also help to build focus, especially when playing single-player games.

A set of playing cards are a cost-effective form of entertainment, making them the perfect Santa sack filler for both boys and girls for Christmas in 2022.

The George the Farmer 3-in-1 card game pack provides three games for hours of enjoyment out of one package. The kids can play snap with a twist in Veggie, Fruit, Tractor! They can test their pairing skills in Memory and be the fastest hand in Crikey (snap with a twist)! The brightly coloured cards feature fun illustrations of items found on the farm, from tractors to potatoes, sheep, and even worms, to keep them entertained. 

Playing cards are also a great lightweight form of entertainment to take on the go for use at restaurants, friends' homes, or even in the car.

What's your favourite card game?