I’ll tell you what, mate! It’s been a busy few months of planning and preparing to release our paddock to plate video clips on ABC and ABC iView. It’s been a long wait but finally we are able to share the ripper news and we are feeling pretty beaut’ about the response we have received from all our mates, as well as all the support from around the country!

If you didn’t manage to catch the news, here’s the update…
From June this year, our educational videos will be available for viewing on demand any time of the day on ABC iView- watch out to catch us on ABC TV as well.

I’m so excited, I’m jumping around like a frog in a sock!

Follow me and my mate’s Simone and Ben as we investigate different foods grown on the farm, including wheat and potatoes! What a great opportunity for us to teach kids all over the country about where their food and fibre comes from, and to inspire them to consider an innovative career in agriculture. Not to mention our new and exciting partnership with the ABC will mean that the next generation of Aussie’s are able to learn about farming directly from their lounge rooms as we hit the television screens! How ripper is that?!

If you’d like to join us for the adventure, you can watch our videos online here

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