Crikey, it’s been a long couple of months in “iso” and our local businesses are really feeling the weight of COVID-19’s impact.

But it is times like these that build us up and make us stronger… I’ve seen the brave, smiling faces of our Aussie neighbours who have continued to hold their heads and hopes up high despite the fallback and despite the unknown.

We’ve been patient and now we are slowly seeing changes. While restrictions are still tight on my home borders of South Australia, we are asking the SA community to get out and about, to #supportregional #shoplocal and to explore our own backyard. With the State Government encouraging intrastate travel, our regional businesses are gearing up for the long weekend and are looking forward to welcoming visitors to their townships.

And we aren't the only ones - Wherever you are in Australia this weekend, whether you're in the city or out on the farm, if you have the time and the means why not get out there and explore your surroundings? Dust off your walking boots and soak up the outdoors. Visit a town or café where you haven’t been before. Support a regional grocer, small business or local artist. Hit the road, book an overnight stay or roll out the swag. A small contribution of support can go such a long way, mate!

Blimey – we sure are lucky to call Australia home.