National Ag Day 2020 is nearing - this year is my fourth year in the biz as ambassador! This year, Ag Day falls on Friday November 20th. 

I had a yarn a few years back about my involvement in Ag that I'd love to share.

“Why do you love National Agriculture Day?”⁣
Mate, I think every day should be National Agriculture Day! Agriculture is the back bone of our country and without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive.⁣

  • Here in Australia, we’re so fortunate to have access to clean, green, delicious food to nourish our bodies and first class fibres like cotton and wool to help clothe us. This has to be celebrated!⁣
  • The beaut’ song that I wrote for Ag Day has a ripper line in it; “we all need a farmer at least three times a day, but there’s plenty more to farming than putting out the hay” and ain’t that the truth.⁣
  • Agriculture is so diverse with regards to the different produce that we can grow right across Australia, but also the multitude of jobs that are available. ⁣
  • Agriculture generates about 1.6 million jobs across the entire supply chain from farmers to agronomists, engineers, scientists and accountants.⁣

There’s so many ways to be involved in agriculture and that’s what’s so great about Ag Day, it’s a day for everyone to celebrate – even the consumer as someone who gets to benefit at the end of the supply chain.

How do you plan to celebrate Ag Day, mate? Here are some ideas below:

  • Chat with a neighbour about what it means to live or work on the land.
  • Grab lunch or dinner with a mate to celebrate.
  • Have a yarn over a meal about the food on your plate.
  • Talk to your littlies about where their food and fibre comes from.
  • Phone a farmer or someone you know who works in the Ag industry to say 'thank you'.
  • Attend an event in your community to celebrate Ag Day.