Cultivate Farms have set a challenge over the next 100 days and George the Farmer is backing us to achieve it. There are thousands of grown-up George and Ruby Farmers out there who are ready to farm, but don’t have the capital to make it happen.

Are you a retiring farmer? You must remember when you began all those years ago… Getting onto your very own farm was hard enough. Then the really hard work started. But you knew what you were in for, and you craved it. You built a farming legacy; for yourself, your family and your community. Now as the years have moved on and you look to step back, think about the next generation of farmers who had the same dreams as you. Imagine the legacy you can continue in your community by supporting the next generation of farmers onto your farm. There are hundreds of aspiring farmers all over the country who would love to farm with you.

Cultivate Farms is stepping up their push to help new farmers. We are calling on 100 retiring farmers to sign up to a succession planning solution that brings the best aspiring farming families back to rural, regional and remote country towns. For most people, the dream of being a farmer is out of reach because of the excessive capital requirements to buy a farm. For older farmers with no family successor, who want to step back but see their farm and community continue, the options are limited.

Based in Albury NSW, Cultivate Farms provides the perfect answer to these problems and is leading the call for 100 farmers to put their hands up to get involved in supporting the next generation. As the national winner of the Regional Australia Institute’s Lightbulb Moments competition, which helps regional people turn their bright ideas into reality. Cultivate Farms matches aspiring farmers, farmers stepping back and investors – to own and operate a farm together.

At Cultivate Farms we’re thrilled to be recognised, and as passionate advocates for regional Australia, we believe we can bring hundreds of young people back onto farms, into communities and back on the netball and football field. Selected by a judging panel of five, including Minister for Regional Development, Senator the Hon Fiona Nash. Cultivate Farms received project development and mentoring support from the Regional Australia Institute and Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR).

‘As the national winner, Cultivate Farms helps to fill the massive gap in the farm succession planning crisis and gets young farmers onto their first farm. Keeping Australian agriculture strong, profitable and sustainable means we need a new generation of farmers. Access to capital to buy farms has been a long standing issue for the next generation starting out, but Cultivate Farms tackles this challenge head on with its novel and innovative skills development and farm-matchmaking approach’ Minister Nash said.

Regional Australia Institute CEO, Jack Archer, highlights Cultivate Farms is ready for growth having proved its model by successfully connecting young farmers with opportunities to own and manage farms. ‘The Cultivate Farms team, including Sam Marwood and Tim and Tegan Hicks, are now looking to partner with more farmers wanting to take a step back, creating a consistent flow of opportunities for the best aspiring farmers to step into’ he said. ‘It’s a great way for farmers to pass on their legacy, stay involved on the farm and have a positive impact on the future of their community by attracting new farming families to the area’ he continued.

Cultivate Farms now aims to scale up, actively seeking expressions of interest from farmers. We want to connect with 100 retiring farmers in the next 100 days so that we can bring more young, aspiring farming families back to rural, regional and remote country towns; So if that’s you, or someone you know, we want to hear about it.

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