Between working on the farm, and educating Aussie kids, teachers and everyone in between about where our food comes from – I was lucky enough to catch up with the Federal Ag Minister, Senator Bridget Mckenzie.

On Wednesday, December 18, Senator McKenzie stopped by my neighbouring regional town of Mount Gambier in South Australia to discuss ag education amongst other industry issues, with the locals and my mate, MP Tony Pasin.

With my mission to inspire children to connect to the earth, food and farm, while learning about how important agriculture is to our everyday lives - I had a ripper chat about what we at George the Farmer are doing to educate kids with the important messages of where our food and fibre comes from. I believe that these messages are vital in bridging the gap between city and rural, and it was beaut’ to have the Senator’s support on this!

My creator’s Ben Hood and Simone Kain were just as happy as I was to have a yarn with the Senator. Here’s what my mate Ben had to say about seeking greater assistance to gain a wider audience for our messages... “We have a proven audience of kids, teachers and parents who love our content. It’s really exciting. But we need assistance in getting the word out there about what we’re doing so that we can continue in our education pursuit”.

Did you know that my curriculum-aligned teaching resources have educated over 40,000 students nationally on food and fibre production? Crikey, that’s a big number, and these numbers won’t be slowing down anytime soon…

Let’s make agricultural literacy fun for those in the classroom and at home by sharing the message about food production in Australia. If you have a teacher mate or know someone who might benefit from using my ripper educational resources, send them straight to my website! My resources are FREE and can be easily downloaded: