Mate, I think that every day should be National Agriculture Day! Agriculture is the back bone of our country and without it, we wouldn’t be able to survive…

Here in Australia, we’re so fortunate to have access to clean, green, delicious food to nourish our bodies and first-class fibres like cotton and wool to help clothe us. This has to be celebrated! I wrote a beaut’ song for Ag Day that has a ripper line in it, “we all need a farmer at least three times a day, but there’s plenty more to farming than putting out the hay”, and ain’t that the truth. There really is so much more to ag than putting out the hay, mate… Did you know that the ag industry generates about 1.6 million jobs across the entire supply chain, from farmers to agronomists, engineers, scientists and accountants? Fair dinkum, that’s worth a celebration, I think.

This year, National Ag Day fell on Thursday, November 21st. To celebrate my favourite day of the year, and my third year in the role as Ambassador for National Ag Day, I made an appearance on ABC ME with my mates and co-creators Simone and Ben to share the paddock-to-plate stories of potato and wheat production! You might have caught me singing, dancing and having a yarn about where our food and fibre comes from. If you missed it… you can check out my videos on ABC iView, any time of the day!

Thanks to those who tuned in to hear what we had to share. My mate Simone had a few things to say in an interview with Australian Farmers about celebrating National Ag Day and educating young ones about food and fibre… “It’s imperative that we increase conversations with children around how food is produced in a fun and light-hearted way to have any hope in bridging the gap between producer and consumer in the future”.

Every year my aim as National Ag Day Ambassador is to see more Aussie kids learning about where the food in their fridge comes from. At George the Farmer, we want to enable the younger generation to make healthy food choices for a happy life, while contributing to global food security. Not only that, we want to remind everyone about all the beaut’ ways to be involved in ag in Australia, and there's no better time to have a yarn about it than on National Ag Day!

Ag Day is a day to celebrate the food and fibre that is produced, and everyone who is involved in the ag supply chain - including you, the consumer, mate! So next time you’re sitting down to a delicious dinner, enjoying a snag or two at a barbie, or munching on those carrot sticks why not have a chat to those around you about where our food comes from?