Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable Forest Management
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Sustainable Forest Management

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The forests of Australia serve many important purposes. They provide habitats for plants and animals and places for recreation, enjoyment, and culture. Trees in forests help clean our water, protect our soils, and help fight climate change by capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere in their wood.

Productive sustainably managed forests provide us with renewable wood products (timber), paper (wood fibre), and other forest products like honey. It is important that forests are managed sustainably – for today and forever - to balance these competing demands. A small area of Australia’s forests are used to produce a sustainable source of wood and wood fibre. They are like farms — every tree that is grown and harvested is again replaced with at least one more, just like a crop.

In forestry, trees are the crop being grown to produce wood products (timber) and wood fibre (for paper and board).

Whereas our farmers can grow and harvest a plant crop once or more a year, it can take up to thirty years or longer for plantation trees to be ready to harvest, and even longer for trees in a native forest.

Although occupying only 1.5% of Australia’s total forest area, plantation forests produce more than 87% of the total annual log harvest and are therefore important to Australia’s wood and wood fibre supply.

This free curriculum-aligned educators guide for Foundation - Year 4 levels focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths and Sustainability (STEAM) subjects. 

This George the Farmer educational resource is intended as starting points for a cross-curricular approach to learning, based on the George the Farmer YouTube video “George the Farmer Forestry”  and its accompanying Virtual Reality (VR) experience ‘George the Farmer Forestry VR’ on YouTube or through the FarmVR app. Classes are encouraged to look at the video, the VR and read the lyrics to the song included in this resource. Don't forget to also complete the complementary Pine Plantations Forestry educators resource as well. 

The guide is divided into a series of Science, Technologies, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) activities aimed at students between the ages of 4 and 8 years. The activities seek to complement and extend the enjoyment students will experience from seeing the video, whilst at the same time meet some of the requirements of curriculum outcomes.

The activities in this resource can be printed out for students, or alternatively, display the activity page from the PDF on your interactive white board or import an activity page into your online teaching and learning environment such as Google Slides and have the students use their existing workbooks to complete the task.

This is a FREE curriculum-aligned guide. Enter your details to download the PDF. Payment details are not required.


This curriculum-linked learning resource was produced by George the Farmer Pty Ltd for ForestLearning, an initiative of Forest and Wood Products Australia.

Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable Forest Management